The Power That Empowers Kolkata Eves


Ever since its inception a year ago, the dynamic all-women patrolling team of Kolkata Police has brought a sense of safety and security to the women on the streets of metropolis and a fear of law to the stalkers and rowdies

The Kolkata Police has been a torch-bearer in the country for its unique approach and commitment to the citizens of Kolkata. In keeping with the tradition, an all-women patrolling team of Kolkata Police, popularly known as “The Winners”, has been an excellent addition to the police force.

Launched in July last year, the team of young trained personnel, who have been patrolling the roads of Kolkata on two-wheelers, have already made the city proud with their sincere efforts in taming the road Romeos and assisting the women complaining of molestation or eve-teasing.

“Launched in July last year, the team of 24 woman constables, led by three Sub-Inspectors, has been patrolling the roads of Kolkata on two-wheelers. They have made the city proud with their efforts to tame the road Romeos”

At present, The Winners team has 24 woman constables, led by three Sub-Inspectors of Police (SIs). The idea of all-women team took shape a year ago. Sampa Guha, 17 time National Award winning power lifter, who has won the country several laurels, is leading the pack of young women constables.

Sampa remarked candidly, “The Winners team is very different from our traditional women police personnel. These 24 girls have been recruited from all over the state. From Medinipur to Raiganj to Basirhat, these daredevils have been trained in riding two-wheelers. They are fit and have prior training in rifle shooting as well. They are equipped with folding stick, knee guard, helmet with a front camera, gloves and a wireless set to communicate with.”

At present, The Winners are working in three shifts. In the morning shift, the focus is on various parks of the city, popular among morning walkers of the metro. In the afternoon, the team makes it a point to look after areas close to schools, colleges, shopping malls and metro stations. Night patrolling covers areas like Park Street, Camac Street and others, which are synonymous with nightlife hub. The team works in sync with local police stations and often they are in civil dress as well to catch hold of the molesters and road Romeos.

The team has received encouraging response from the citizens of Kolkata. Be it Madhyamik examination, Durga Puja or Christmas – the young women constables have made the Kolkata Police force proud. It won’t be an exaggeration to say that with their presence around, incidents of drink-and drive and refusal by cabs at night have come down to a considerable extent. Wherever these woman constables go, they are given hero’s welcome and the millenials don’t miss any opportunity to click selfies with the true “winners” of the city.

The Winners completely changed our lives: Sampa Guha

It gives me immense pleasure to lead the young, dynamic Winners team. I am indebted to my young colleagues and my seniors for supporting this new team which has already won hearts of the people of the city. The best part of the team is its willingness to learn and adapt. Many of them hadn’t even visited Kolkata previously. The way they have tuned themselves to the rules and duties in such quick time is truly commendable.

“The idea of all-women team Took shape a year ago. Sampa Guha, the 17 time National award winning power lifter, who has won the country several laurels, is leading the pack of young women constables.”

First girl from my village to join police force: Manika Tudu

I come from a middle class family of Azmatpur in Dakshin Dinajpur district. I never dreamt of joining the police force, as like most of the girls in the village, I also wanted to become a school teacher. I got the opportunity to join the police force 10 years after my marriage. My first posting was at Metiaburuj Thana. No doubt, joining The Winners team has been the highlight of my career, to date. I am the first girl from my village to join the police force. It gives me immense pride when my loving daughter, who studies in Class V, says, ‘I am proud of my mother. She is the best.’

Get celebrity-like treatment everywhere: Bisakha Paul

Right since my childhood IN days, I wanted to wear the police uniform. In our village in Nadia district, we were expected to be at home by 7 pm. And here in Kolkata, with the colleagues, it’s my duty to ensure that working women don’t feel unsafe and inconvenienced while on the way back to their home. We get treatment like celebrities wherever we go, more so when I go to my village. My neighbours, relatives and all others shower their love and blessings for what they say ‘making us proud’.

Driving in Kolkata was challenging initially: Madhumita Mahapatra

Prior to joining prestigious Winners team, I had the driving licence. Driving in my native town Kharagpur is very different from driving in Kolkata. But I have surprised myself with my abilities. The credit also goes to our team. We have fantastic bonding among us colleagues. I still remember the day when we caught a molester red-handed in the Millennium Park.

Grateful to Kolkata Police for this opportunity: Neha Gupta

When I was in Kharagpur, studying for different government examinations, my only source of earning was from private tuitions. Now, working in such a big city, and that too in The Winners team is a dream job for me. I was so happy to get hold of stalkers during Durga Puja last year, when our team was patrolling some targeted areas. No doubt, I am very grateful to the Kolkata Police for giving me such an opportunity, to work with such an efficient team.

Proud to be a role model for younger lot in village: Aparna Biswas

Coming from Kadipur of Nadia district to Kolkata itself has been a life-changing journey for me. Although I got a job in CISF, I didn’t join. Being the first girl from our village to join the police force, I feel proud of the responsibility which I have as a part of the Winners team. No doubt, whenever I visit my village during holidays, young students come to me to listen to stories of Kolkata. I hope, in the coming days, more girls from villages like ours will join the police fraternity in best interests of the nation.

First female govt employee from my village: Rousonara Khatun

Kolkata is not new for me, as I used to live in Dumdum during the college days. I have completed Masters from Kalyani University. Coming from Arsuila in Basirhat, I had dreams of qualifying for a government job. In fact, I am the first girl from our village to be a government employee. Working in The Winners team has given me a fantastic opportunity to work in such a competitive environment. It has been almost a year since we are working together as a team. Not only my four other sisters but everyone in my village are proud of my accomplishments.