Cyber Cell Officer Does Kolkata Police Proud


Sergeant Manjit Goel of Cyber Cell, Port division, has made the Kolkata police proud with his stupendous achievement. He topped a recent all-India training programme on ‘Investigation of Cyber Cases’ conducted by the Central Detective Training Institute (CDTI) in Hyderabad. Held between August 2 and 13, the investigating agencies across India participated in the rigorous workshop and practical exercises.

Felicitating Sgt Goel for his wonderful feat, Mr Soumen Mitra, Kolkata Police Commissioner, wished him more success in the future.

Manjit Goel talked about his extraordinary achievement to Mohammad Asif of Protector magazine.

Q. Congratulations on your successful completion of training. First, I would like to know how this training was different from your past training.

A. Thank You for your warm wishes. This training was, in fact, very much relevant to my working experience at Cyber Cell Port Division for the last three years.

Q. With the greater use of IT in every day work the pace of cyber-crime is increasing. How difficult is it to meet the growing challenges?

A. With each passing day, cyber-crime investigation is becoming more challenging as the modus operandi & the ways to commit cyber-crime is evolving fast. It requires a certain set of special knowledge & skills to keep pace with the changing technologies. The perpetrators are becoming smarter so the investigators also need to hone their skills. Every strata of society, be it rich or poor, educated or uneducated, is being affected by the menace of cyber-crime. Awareness is the key to stopping this evil. However, investigating this crime is truly interesting as well as demanding.

Q. What was your feeling when you were selected for this prestigious training?

A. I was really excited on being nominated for this workshop as it would give me an opportunity to learn from some of the best teachers in this field of the country.

Q. How did you feel when you came to know that you have topped the training?

A. It felt really good to top the chart but all other participants were no less capable.

Q. How will such an achievement motivate you in the future course of your work?

A. The training itself was highly comprehensive, encompassing a wide range of topics being administered in a highly engaging and interesting manner which involved daily tests & quiz, hands on training with the help of newer & updated software & tools, accompanied with scanning of relevant court judgements with experienced lawyers & police officers. It motivated me to take my present job at cyber cell more seriously and work harder for detection of seemingly complex cases.

Q. Did you have a natural bent for dealing with cyber-crime cases or have you developed your interest gradually?

A. I’m an engineer by education & learning new things has always attracted me. As a police officer, cyber-crime investigation has given me an opportunity to keep learning & gradually I have developed a knack for catching these faceless cyber criminals who think that nobody could lay their hands on them.