Message from D.G. & I.G. of Police, Head of Police Force, Gujarat


Dear Friends,

Gujarat is a vibrant State with a rich culture and history. The Indus Valley sites of Lothal and Dholavira are only a few examples of its rich past. The State came into being in 1960 following the division of the erstwhile Bombay State between Maharashtra and Gujarat.

With a rich cultural heritage, Gujarat is also well-known the world over for its resourcefulness, innovations as well as its economic success. We also feel immensely proud that it has produced many great leaders like Gandhiji, Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel who were instrumental in making India a great nation.

The State is known as the Jewel of the West, having one of the fastest-growing infrastructures in the country. It has become a ‘Model State’ for the country in many ways. Leading in creating coastal and border security infrastructure, there is an assurance that the State and country are well protected from any kind of intrusion or attack. 

Heading the Gujarat Police, I can say with confidence that we are always on the alert for any eventuality. We are equipped with the latest technology as well as ample manpower to deal with any challenge. We are also making sure that there is transparency and accountability among all ranks within the Force to ensure its smooth functioning so that the people can fully place their trust and confidence in us.

With the launch of this unique magazine – ‘The Gujarat Protector’, a new dawn arises in better police-community connect. This partnership between the Gujarat Police and New Media Communication is indeed a further boost for the Force in reaching out to the citizens effectively, listen to their views and opinions, and show them a side of the police citizens are not much aware.

Let us extend our unconditional support to make this magazine a truly enriching, educative and beneficial read for everyone. May the magazine, through its print and digital versions, help readers gain the right perspective about policing.

Best Wishes, 

(Shivanand Jha)

D.G. & I.G. of Police, Head of Police Force, Gujarat