Leadership Talk


Dear Citizens

Greetings from Kolkata Police!

When you have a dedicated team at your disposal, your task becomes much easier. I am fortunate to lead one of the finest forces in the country, who are serving the public round the clock. Be it any festival or any law and order issue, they do their job with full dedication. Reaching out to the needy and serving them is their mantra.

The men in uniform strive to bring the community closer to the police, and work to maintain cordial relations with them. Thanks to their efforts, Kolkata has become one of the safest cities in the country, especially for women and the elderly. Our ‘Pronam’ initiative has generated confidence among the elders living alone. We have revived this project with full vigour and received an overwhelming response from our elders. Another project close to my heart is ‘Respect Women’, which we are working on, aiming at the safety and security of women in the city.

Since my joining I have laid emphasis on core policing, to make Kolkata Police more effective, vigilant and mobile. The force needs to gear up to meet the current challenges. Instead of sitting comfortably inside a police station, they have to come out and become more visible.

From the day I joined, I have been telling my teams to become more visible, especially at night. I am continuing with the concept of frequent beat meetings and patrolling.

My point is that the police need to be seen to boost the confidence of people. The public should see the police as their friend and savior. If they need something, they can go to the police for help without any apprehension. Community policing has become a big task these days. There has been a sea change in policing of the past and the present. We have to know the pulse of society and remain in constant touch with people to know their aspirations from the police.

With the changes in society, the crime pattern is also changing, so policing needs to match the current requirements. For example, cybercrime was unheard of a few years ago, but now it has become a menace. The focus is also on social media, where a lot of people post malicious content to create societal rifts.

None of our missions can be achieved without co-operation from our fellow citizens. People must have faith in the police and develop a strong bond to help them serve better.

Anuj Sharma,IPS

Commissioner of Police Kolkata