Gujarat State Police Housing Corporation High Quality Construction Within Stipulated Budget


The Gujarat State Police Housing Corporation Ltd [GSPHCL] was established on November 1, 1988, under the Companies Act, 1956. Its main objective is construction of residential and non-residential buildings for Police, Jail, Home Guards, Anti-Corruption Bureau, Forensic Science Laboratory, Training Departments under various State and Central Government programs.

39,000 Units at a Cost of Rs. 34.50 Bn

The Corporation has, in 30 years, constructed 36,572 residential units at a total cost of Rs 2,116.10 crore, and 2504 non-residential buildings at a total cost of Rs. 1,333.24 crore.

Landmark Structures with a Green Concept

The GSPHCL endeavours to provide good quality construction work within the stipulated budget and time. It has also taken up welfare facilities for police personnel and their families by constructing aanganwadi/library buildings in police lines. Adhering to the ‘Green Concept’, it has taken up construction of earthquake-resistant buildings with rainwater harvesting system, solar lights and solar water heaters and provision of large openings for adequate natural light and ventilation. Under the construction of non-residential buildings, it has satisfactorily completed landmark constructions like the Home Guard Bhavan, ACB Bhavan, Jail Bhavan, Nashabandhi Bhavan, the Corporation’s own headquarter building, Commissioner’s Office at Surat, and many more.

Works Entrusted by Various Government Departments

Due to the superior quality and timely completion of various projects undertaken by the Corporation, many government departments like the Tribal Department, Education Department, Agriculture Department, Pathya Pustak Mandal etc. have entrusted construction works as ‘Deposit Work’ to the Corporation.

Improving Living Standards

The Corporation has taken major initiatives in the last couple of years to improve the living standards as well as the work environment of police personnel.

  1. Increase in carpet area for residential quarters for Constables/ Head Constables from 42 sq.mts to 55 sq.mts., thus providing two-bedroom apartments from the earlier one-bedroom apartment.
  2. Review and revision of all non-residential buildings like IGP Office, SP Office, urban and semi-urban police stations etc., considering the future expansion as well as from opinions/requirements received from actual users.
  3. Construction of high-rise buildings in large cities with provision of lift and basement parking, considering the shortage of highly valuable land.
  4. Provision of furniture for all residential and non-residential building constructions.
  5. Upgradation of building specifications of all residential and non-residential buildings, considering the latest available materials in the open market.
  6. Master planning of all large campuses to maximise land use with provision of common facilities like gardens, sports arenas, green cover etc.

Process of Issuing Rs.12 Bn Tenders On

The total grant available with the Corporation in the current year (2019-20) is Rs. 1095 crore. The Corporation has issued work orders worth Rs. 1105.05 crore till date, and is in the process of issuing tenders worth Rs. 1200 crore in the current year.