Foreword Kolkata Protector Nov-Dec 2019


‘We Care, We Dare’

When you are at the top of the hierarchy, you are on everyone’s radar. It’s like walking on a knife-edge. Even a slightest mistake will put you in the dock. You have your share of bouquets but also the larger share of brickbats. Durga Puja is one such occasion when the entire police administration is on its toes for the safety and security of common people. We have to ensure not only the safety of those on roads but also their locked homes.

The task is daunting but thanks to my men in uniform, we have been able to accomplish the task with quite an ease. When you are commanding an efficient force, your job becomes much easier. I am grateful to my team that they work inunison like a well-oiled machine to achieve even the most daunting tasks.

And nothing is more satisfying and soothing than the praise coming from the public itself. Police is not a service of whom people should be afraid of. They are their trusted friends and savior on which they can bank on. We are here to serve them and serve them better. Everybody in this city knows that I am a strong supporter of community and core policing. I stress on policing with a human touch. It is our duty to help and protect our elders. Without any exaggeration, I can assert that my colleagues in Kolkata are doing a great job and are way ahead of their counterparts in other states. We are a trailblazer in this field.

Some incidents of crimes against senior citizens have been reported. However, we are doing our best so that the culprits are brought to book. We will ensure speedy trial so that the punishment acts as a deterrent to others. Senior citizens have been asked to report to the police about any financial dispute, threat from any quarters. Through Pronam, an initiative for elders, they can approach police without any hesitation.

It’s a solace for us that Kolkata is the safest among 19 Indian cities in crimes committed per lakh of population, according to the National Crime Records Bureau. Better policing, infrastructure development, training and manpower management have all contributed towards the drop in crime rate in the city. A large number of police stations and specialized units have been created leading to improved policing.

Technical surveillance and technological upgradation are playing major roles in the detection of crimes and conviction of criminals. We are changing with times and asper the need of society.

The recent busting of fake call centers at Park Street and Topsia who were duping British citizens is another feather in the cap of the Kolkata Police. Commissioner of Police, London Metropolitan Police sent a letter to me to thank our team for the prompt action taken in busting the racket. It’s a proud moment for our team.

Kolkata Police will continue to work with its motto ‘We Care,We Dare’.

Anuj Sharma. IPS Commissioner of Police Kolkata