w5Crime prevention is an active approach utilising public awareness and precautionary measures. The best  and  most useful task that law enforcement agencies can carry out is crime prevention through surveillance, crime analysis and offender tracking. Police surveillance is one activity justified by its potential effect on crime prevention. New technological innovations have been developed  to  prevent crime and to improve performance of the police. Changes in both the hard and soft technology of policing appear to be transforming its quality. Many major crimes could be effectively detected through such improved skills by the officers of West Bengal Polices. Their efforts to control crime have paid off through decrease in number of heinous crimes in the state.

Community support is the need of the hour for achieving the goal of the police to minimize crimes in the society. So, West Bengal Police like many of their counterparts has put due importance on the community involvement in  various activities run by it for transpiring moral values in the sublime form. This actually builds mutual respect and eases flow of information for the cops which in turn lowers the crime rate. The community in fact plays a role of extended eyes and ears for the police. West Bengal Police has taken up various community oriented schemes on education, sports, career course, self defense, self employment, training and awareness programmes which have enabled it to improve overall crime scenario and law and order situation.

The crime pattern in recent time has been changed with the advent of technology and emergence of virtual world. Cyber  crimes  are  growing concern in the present society and it is an ever growing challenge for the police to prevent such crimes. With the changing situation, the police in the state has developed its skills for detecting crimes and use modern tools and technologies to meet the growing challenges. Finger print, footprint, forensic examination and use of different other analytical tools help to fix up the guilty for various crimes including cyber crimes.

While adopting proactive stand for improving quality in investigation of cases and policing in general, police force need to  improve  skills continuously through in- service training to serve better and necessary action in that direction has been  initiated. The  commitment  and determination of the police  force  can  never be compromised.

 DGP’s Column