Message from Sri Rajeev Kumar, IPS

Sri Rajeev Kumar, IPS Commissioner of Police

In drawing up day-to-day chores, it has become imperative these days that we have easy access to products that we need at the click of a mouse. Be it Kolkata, India or abroad, things have taken a twist in the recent years with all sorts of apps and online sites making purchase easy and hassle-free, giving it a completely new dimension. From diamond jewellery to green vegetables, poultry and clothing, everything is available online and with a great deal of variety and options.

But all online transactions may not be safe. And for commoners, it is very difficult to understand the complexities of the entire process, resulting in online frauds and misappropriations.

In order to protect its people, Kolkata Police has drawn up a few directives regarding cyber crime.

Understandably, there are specialist things the police will always have to do that the public may not know much about. But certain guidelines from KP have far-reaching consequences and thus, in an effort to spread the message far and wide, the cops have chalked out a blueprint to prevent all sorts of online frauds and cyber crime in the city.

It is also clear that the police are getting more and more concerned about more modern crimes. Of all the policing issues which they felt had changed most in the last five years, online frauds have now topped the list.

From keeping a tab on social media to bank frauds, from online shopping through portals to gaming, from credit/debit card dealings to Internet banking— all such aspects are under policing now.

Following customised plans to combat the menace, Kolkata Police, in this issue, provides measures through which one can prevent himself from being a victim of cyber crime.

Another article by Advocate Rajas C Pingle highlights the current cyber threats in India and its ramifications.

In perspective, it may be stated that more and more people live their lives online. This, in turn, is changing the way that criminals target them. It is here that KP seeks to protect the city from the growing menace and safeguard a common person’s rights and legitimacy. And undoubtedly, no easy feat this is!

Sri Rajeev Kumar, IPS
Commissioner of Police