Joint Commissioner Sujay Chanda: A super cop, musician and an avid East Bengal fan


One of Kolkata Police force’s finest officers, Joint Commissioner Sujay Chanda (IPS), remains a colossal strength through his activities and endeavours. A true blue-cop with a bagful of experience, the officer excels in music and is an ardent East Bengal fan. A humble and down-to-earth professional, Chanda sheds light on his initial days and the journey he embarked upon to become what he is today.


Learning curve

“I never had the aim of joining the Indian Police Service and it was my thirst for a better job that landed me into policing,” says the Joint CP Establishment. Born and brought up in a remote town in North 24-Parganas, Chanda completed his initial studies from local school and college before moving to the University of Calcutta for pursuing Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics. “With sheer hard work and conviction, I completed my Masters and soon bagged my first job of a school teacher,” he says. The super cop further adds: “I was always eager and accepted every opportunity with open arms.”

Hard-earned expertise

Talking about how he came to join the police service, Chanda says: “I cracked the West Bengal Civil Service Examination in 1987 and was selected for the police service.” Coming from a family where no member had prior experience of being a policeman, there was a lot of hesitation. “This kick-started my journey,” he recollects.

An experience which started in Satgram, Raniganj almost three decades ago stands out currently for the Joint Commissioner of the Kolkata Police. Talking through those initial days, he says: “Problems came across in the form of coal mafias, political issues etc.” Married to his work, his family relations became secondary. Although truly a protector for the common people, the police have been dubbed venomous by many on several occasions. However, with a smart and determined approach to the pre-existent procedures, the Kolkata Police have successfully managed to break the ice. Although there is a lot that needs to be done to achieve total success, the Joint CP Establishment assures, it will always be a priority for him throughout his career. It is perhaps this sentiment that leads him to talk to every visitor at his office.

“I can at least listen to some of what the commoners wanted to say. I can at least offer him hope,” Chanda said. “Police is more of a social worker rather than a law enforcer,” he adds with a smile.

Man behind the Khaki

Known for his singing abilities, the IPS officer reveals that he never underwent any kind of formal training for it. “My family helped me to sing. There was a cultural atmosphere at my house for it,” Chanda mentions. A fan of both Kishore Kumar and Lata Mangeshkar, the officer-cum-singer opines that despite his hectic schedule; singing came to him naturally which he uses as a stress buster.

Unveiling the person behind the uniform, Chanda answers some rapid-fire questions which draw a lot of love and admiration for this outstanding officer. An East Bengal and Shabbir Ali fan since his college days, the former teacher adores Bollywood’s Shahenshah Amitabh Bachchan and longs to visit a quiet island and says will miss the busy schedule his occupation demands when he retires.

By Subhajit Bhattacharya