Navi Mumbai BOB Heist Solved Cops Seize Rs.1.59 Cr.


The Navi Mumbai cops claim to have solved the Bank of Baroda robbery case which took place on November 12. The robbers dug a 25 feet underground tunnel to enter into the bank and fled with cash and valuables worth Rs. 3.43 crores from the 30 lockers of the bank. The police have so far arrested 11 persons in the case.

According to the police, the robbers had rented a shop in June 2017 close to Bank of Baroda, Juinagar branch and began digging a tunnel to enter the bank. The tunnel work was completed on November 10. They decided to enter the bank on Saturday, November 12 as the branch would be shut on the following day.

“During investigations we collected the records of history-sheeters and found the modus operandi to be similar to some past crimes. On the basis of which, acting on a tip-off we laid a trap and arrested the accused from their warehouse,” said a police officer attached to the crime.

“The accused confessed to the crime and revealed that they had a meeting in jail while serving their punishment term where they had come up with this robbery plan. The accused persons have over 100 cases filed against them,” he added.

The local cops were successful in the recovery of cash and other valuable ornaments worth Rs. 1.59 crores and also seized four vehicles worth Rs.1.76 crores. The police have also seized drill machines, grinder machines, walkie-talkies and screwdrivers that were used in the crime.

Innovative Policing

During the probe, the police found that Bank of Baroda had failed to adhere to adequate safety measures including installation of alarm systems inside the locker section. “We have shot a video that shows thieves breaking bank lockers in a span of 10 minutes. The banks should now bring changes in the lock pattern.” said Hemant Nagrale, Commissioner of Police, Navi Mumbai.

Keeping in view the number of such bank robberies conducted in their jurisdiction since several years, the Navi Mumbai police plans to conduct safety seminars for banks of their city. The cops plan to invite locker manufacturers and guide them to add more safety features that could make lockers theft-proof.

Mohit Naik