About Protector

THE PROTECTOR is a unique magazine from the largest Bilateral Trade Publishing House, The New Media Communication .

  • The objective of the The Protector is to highlight the conscientious work done by the Policemen and women which generally goes unnoticed and unsung in the mainstream media.
  • Serves as a communication bridge and a platform for greater Police – Community Relationship.
  • The objective of the Police force is to protect and serve the community. Constant communication with the community is the Mantra for improving the public perception of the police. The Protector reflects this commitment and the values that the Police force stands for.
  • The magazine carries an indepth analysis and coverage of Policing and Law & Order.
  • It has an interesting content, news and interviews of the Policy makers, Police officers and Opinion makers.
  • The Protector incorporates feedback and commentary from the civil society, for the benefit of the police force. It facilitates the civil society in keeping abreast of the latest updates on safety and security of the city.
  • The readers of The Protector, apart from the Police force include administrators, corporates, academics, NGOs and general public.
A bimonthly magazine, it is published in association with:
  • The Mumbai Protector – Mumbai Police
  • The Kolkata Protector – Kolkata Police
  • The West Bengal Protector – West Bengal Police
  • The Hyderabad Protector- Hyderabad Police
  • Only magazine that is officially associated with the Police.