Functioning of Directorate of Civil Rights Enforcement


Dr. P. Ravindranath, IPS, D.G.P. (D.C.R.E.), Bengaluru


  • Government of Karnataka in order to protect the rights of persons belonging to SC and ST created the Civil Rights Enforcement Cell under the S.P, CID, Bengaluru. vide order No: SWD/135/SSC/1974.
  • In order to implement the PCR Act effectively DIGP post was created in the year 1978.
  • In the year 1980, CRE Cell regional offices were established with DSP rank officer heading each region.
  • IGP CRE Cell post was created in the year 1989.
  • ADGP rank was created and CRE Cell was up graded to Directorate of Civil Rights Enforcement vide Government of Karnataka order No: HD-234, POP 92, Dated:20-11-1992
  • In the year 1996, SP posts were created to head all the 6 regional offices of the DCRE.

Government of Karnataka vide order No: SWD/353/SSC/1975, Dated: 27-12-1975 defined functions of this unit as follows:

  1. Violation of Government orders pertaining to reservation of 18% posts;
  2. Violation of Government orders pertaining to earmarking and utilization of funds;
  3. Violation of the provisions of Karnataka Land Grant Rules;
  4. Violation of Government directions, related to eviction from Gomal lands;
  5. Violation of rules pertaining to grant of sites.
  6. Wrongful alienation of the inam land and house sites;
  7. Wrongful eviction of SC/STs by the landlords.
  8. Wrongful eviction of SC/STs by other communities and Government agencies;
  9. Cases of production of false caste certificates.
  10. Offences under Bonded Labor System Ordinance 1975;
  11. Offences under Karnataka Debt Relief order;
  12. All instances of mismanagement and misuse of grants pertaining to Social Welfare Department;
  13. Any other matter pertaining to violation of Constitutional Safeguards and protection to SC/STs and;
  14. Any matter pertaining to violation of any law and rule aimed at the welfare of SC / STs

Directorate of Civil Rights Enforcement performes the following duties:

  • Conduct caste enquiries under section 7(4) of the SC/ ST and OBC (Reservation of appointment) Act 1990 and submit reports to the District Caste Verification Committee which provides caste validation certificates to the persons claiming SC/ST. Caste reservation in Govt job and admissions in educational institutions. Also conduct caste enquiries based on complaints / suo moto and enquire allegations of false caste certificate, and in cases where the allegations are found true, initiate legal action by registering a criminal case and also taking up the investigation of such cases and prosecute the accused. Further, recover all the benefits obtained under SC /ST quota including dismissal from services / cancellation of degree.
  • Enquire petitions received from Government / Chief office / SC/ ST Commissions, SC/ ST organizations and SC /ST public in general about the matters enlisted in Government order No: SWD/353/SSC/1975, Dated: 27-12-1975 and submit reports to the superiors.
  • Investigate important atrocity cases as directed by the Government / Chief office.
  • Visit in cases of atrocity and collect information about the case and also provide advisory instructions to the 1.0 for speedy investigation and disposal of the case. Guide the victims about the facilities provided by the Government and their rights in the matter. Provide protection to the victims through local police, if needed. If any lapse is found on the part of officer registering the case, a report to initiate disciplinary action / action under Sec 4 of the Act, is submitted to the higher ups.
  • DCRE ensures payment of compensation and rehabilitation to the victim of atrocity.
  • Collecting intelligence about cases of atrocities, social boycott, false caste certificates etc. and take action accordingly.
  • Visit SC/ ST Hostels and hear the grievances of the students and ensure all Government facilities are reaching the students. And in case of lapses, submit reports to the higher ups and Social Welfare department.
  • Visit SC /ST Colonies and hear the grievances of the residents and try to resolve the issues in the colonies.

DCRE plays an important role in dismissing the accused persons from service for obtaining job under SC /ST quota on the strength of false certificates. Following is the region-wise statistics of persons dismissed from service.