Police In News

             Jyoti Pathak

Hi-Tech Hoysalas To Patrol City Roads

The Bengaluru city police have come up with a new patrolling model and have introduced 222 hi-tech Hoysala vehicles. At the launch press conference the Bengaluru city police commissioner N.S. Megharikh said, “The Hoysala patrolling vehicles were introduced in 1997 and they were controlled by the police stations. In the new system, 222 Maruti Ertiga vehicles are being introduced. They will be monitored and controlled from the Hoysala control room attached to the command centre, which works as centralised unit for monitoring complaints received at the control room and social networking sites.”

“In the old system, the patrolling vehicles used to move around in their jurisdiction. That system will continue for few more months. The new vehicles will be given six designated spots and they will not leave until a message is passed by the Command Centre. Whenever there is an incident, the nearest Hoysala vehicle staff will be alerted and they will rush to the spot. They will leave the crime spot only after the jurisdictional police reaches,” Megharikh explained. “Each vehicle will be given six designated spots and they will change them every four hours. However, the frequency of incidents in a particular area will decide their location,” Megharikh added.

Kaapi pe Charcha with Cops

Taking the police public interactions to a new level, the Bengaluru city police has come up with a novel idea of an online initiative ‘Kaapi with a cop’. This is one another initiative of Bengaluru police in community policing in addition to the Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy, in collaboration with the city police. The initiative enables a direct dialogue between the cops and the citizens. To begin with, four such series have been shot.

These initiatives enable the cops and citizens to get close to each other. In an interactive session they can find out more about the cops especially personal details which normally public is curious to know but intimidated to ask. Citizens can openly discuss about their law and order concerns in their area and how they can be resolved.

Awareness Campaign for Helmet Rule

On July 01, the Karnataka state police implemented the mandatory norm of wearing a helmet. A multi pronged campaign was organized as a prelude to the implementation of the mandatory helmet rule. The traffic wing of the town police distributed new helmets to around 150 police personnel, including constables and head constables. Khammam DSP K. Suresh Kumar formally handed over the new helmets to the traffic police personnel at a meeting held at One-Town police station. A vigorous awareness campaign in the next couple of days was conducted thereafter at public places, petrol pumps, educational institutions and other busy areas across the town and elsewhere in the division to spread awareness about the rule.In order that the significance of wearing the protective headgear goes down well with the citizens some of the speakers even suggested the implementation of ‘no helmet–no fuel’ rule and other stringent measures so that the riders strictly comply with the helmet rule to safeguard their lives. But these measures would probably be initiated only after creating greater awareness on the need to wear protective headgear among all motorists.

Motivating the Subordinates

In a unique initiative Kalasipalyam police station inspector Raghvendra Ramanna has started a practice of felicitating the best performer of the month in the police station. He was posted at this police station two months back and this September he chose his first set of ‘Heroes of the Month’. Sub Inspector Mallikarjun and police constables Manjunath H. Maggad & Anant Raju were selected as ‘Heroes of the Month’. The team successfully cracked a robbery case and recovered 1271 gm of gold and 3 kg of silver. The name and photographs of the Heroes of the month is displayed at the police station.