Editorial: Volume 10 issue 1, 2019


Dear Readers,


As I sit down to write this note, many thoughts come to mind, taking me back to the life-changing incident that eventually saw us launch ‘The Mumbai Protector’. Yes, it has been an eventful nine years since this magazine was launched, and the incident was the 26/11 Mumbai Attack. The overwhelming feeling that tides over me when I recall that fateful and dreadful night was the loss of innocent lives by a few hardened and brainwashed misguided group of young men who felt that their callous actions justified their cause.

The incident shook the country to its core. Fear and insecurity abound. People wanted answers. Can the police and higher-ups protect them? Are they safe? Sensing the bewilderment of the common man, we felt that we had to do something to ease their fears, and let them know that the police is their friend and protector. Thus was born, ‘The Mumbai Protector’, a magazine partnership between the Mumbai Police and New Media Group. The magazine has, over the years, created a niche for itself.

It is therefore with a deep sense of appreciation to the Men in Uniform that I present to you the Ninth Anniversary Issue of ‘The Protector’ magazine. It pays tribute to innocent civilians as well as policemen who laid down their lives during 26/11. We also feature an interview of the Commissioner of Police, Pune – Dr K Venkatesham; fast-spreading cyber crime and how to protect yourself against cyber frauds; special focus on Gondia Police and Nagpur Police; popular initiatives undertaken by the police for better cop-community connect; a photo feature on the various festivals celebrated in the city and other interesting write-ups which will provide for a fascinating read.

‘The Mumbai Protector’ has been consistent in its efforts of strengthening police-public bond, community policing initiatives. All these measures find resonance time and gain in the content – be it through print, or its digital version (www.theprotector.in). 

As we move into another year of publishing this much-loved magazine, we at New Media promise our readers a platter of comprehensive fare high in quality and fair in approach.

Happy Reading!

Satya Swaroop

Managing Editor