Bengaluru Constables Hit the Right Notes



Police constables V. Subramani and Gurushanth Gowda have come up with a song capturing the difficulties of working in a discipline-demanding department like the police force, which has gained over 5 lakh likes on social media

Naav Maneg Hogodilla, the hit song from director Yogaraj Bhat’s Kannada movie ‘Victory 2’, depicting the condition of a drunk man who finds it tough to get back home after late night parties, is now trending again – in a police officer’s version.

Police constables V.Subramani and Gurushanth Gowda have come up with their own version of the song, which has gained over 5 lakh likes on social media. Gowda, a Hoysala driver constable, who loves to pen poems, decided to write a song similar to the hit film number, with lyrics that narrate the life of policemen on duty and how they struggle to balance work with family life. “After I wrote the lyrics, I decided that Head Constable Subramani would be the best person to sing this song. I contacted him and together we brought out this music video,” Gowda said.

Subramani is a trained singer who has written several songs related to crime awareness on request from the police department. In fact, his song, Jo kay balu jo kay chainu kallariddare jokay, which cautions the public about chain snatchers, has become a hit with people and is played by the police department at temples, rural fairs, and public functions attracting huge crowds. Now, its translation is ready for release in Telugu and Hindi and will be used by the police in Mumbai and Telangana.

“I was thrilled with the idea of bringing out a police version of the song. I went through the lyrics and thought that they were written beautifully. There were very few lines I had to change to suit the tempo, and a few things had to be added, after which we were set to record it,” Subramani said.

The duo then found a private studio in Banashankari, pooled ₹15,000 of their own money, and recorded the song. It has won appreciation from many, not only for its humorous lyrics but for capturing the difficulties of working in a discipline-demanding department like the police force. Interestingly, the song is not getting popular only among the men in khaki but is also played at their weddings. Now, the wives of policemen understand their plight very well, laughs Subramani.

Their talent has been appreciated by many senior police officers, say the constables. They would like to request the department to form a cultural association, which will help such talented members get recognition. “There are many people like us in the department. I hope an association can be formed within the department to showcase cultural talent, like the one they have for exhibiting sports skills, to encourage artists,” Subramani added.

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