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Welcome to this year's final issue of the Kolkata Protector.... Read More



Security & Risk Management

What to do when
(a)A robber attempts to snatch your purse?
~ Don't resist
~ Sit down to avoid injury...... Read More
A cheque is said to be dishonoured when the bank refuses to honour the same for whatever reason. It could be that there wasn't enough money to cover the cheque, which is termed as "insufficient funds" or the account that the cheque ..... Read More
You also adhere to the following safety tips - Keep the bag close to you. If possible, choose a shoulder bag and sling it across your body. Safeguard important things like – house keys, wallet, mobile phone etc. Keep them in an inside pocket....... Read More
Why this Herogiri di! This is the question asked by the Kolkata Traffic Police department to the innumerable pillion riders of Kolkata for not safeguarding their own safety and for not abiding the standard law of the state. In last few years Kolkata Traffic Police department through..... Read More
First Information Report is a written document prepared by the Police when they receive information about the commission of cognizable offence. Cognizable offences are those offences in which the Police Officer can arrest a person without warrant..... Read More
A gold medalist in Physics,S D Dimri has been instrumental in crafting the growth trajectory of Ordnance Factories as the Director General and Chairman of Ordnace Factory Board. Under his stewardship, OFB commenced bulk production of Pinaka rockets and started...... Read More
Mentored by Kolkata Police, a group of youngsters from a reputed city college had spread the word about Safe Diwali last year. Let us hear what Swetha Venkatesan and Joydeep Sen of Vivaaham Events have to say...... Read More
The news that a person got cheated of his money and belongings has become a frequently published item in the newspaper these days. It is true that a human being has an instinct to preserve himself and his property, but the criminals...... Read More

Leaders Speak

Thank you for your letter dated 28th Feb 2011 and sending me the well done work "fight Against Terrorism" with thoughts from multiple minds. The topics discussed will be a good reference. My best wishes for your effort. I wish you all the best for all your future missions...Read More
Thank you for sending me the compilation Fight Against Terrorism. I believe this initiative of yours was highly commendable and has done much to highlight the threat posed by Asymmetric Warfare and the expanding dimensions of this problem... Read More


It was an eventful year and I wish to thank all my officers and men for their outstanding performance in meeting all the challenges during the year and keeping Kolkata safe and secure.......... Read More
Greetings. While Kolkata Police strives to keep Kolkata safe, we sincerely feel that the cooperation of the public, who are equal stake holders in the quest for a peaceful Kolkata, is must. In view of this, we have nurtured several Community Policing initiatives such as NABADISHA, SAMPARK, PROBAHO PRONAM, PARA FOOTBALL, GREEN POLICE, PULSE POLIO Programme and KIRAN...... Read More
Greetings. At the outset, I wish to express my deep sense of grief at the loss of lives in the AMRI fire and I extend my heartfelt sympathy to the families of the victims of the tragedy. At the same time, I am proud of the officers and men from Kolkata Police, especially the commandoes and Disaster Management Group..... Read More
Kolkata Police, in reverence to the religious sentiments, festive expectations and need for the safety of the citizens, has been toiling day and night, to ensure a peaceful and joyous Puja. In fact, we began our preparations months in advance putting in place various safety measures..... Read More
Wridhhi Programme, an initiative of Hope Kolkata Foundation in association with Kolkata Police, was held on 3 September 2011 at Bodyguard Line, Alipore, more than where 15 street children from our Nabadisha Centre participated..... Read More
Kolkata is a thriving city with a booming economy. Nevertheless, it is riddled with many problems. Being the capital of India during British rule, Kolkata, previously Calcutta, is still carrying the scars of colonial legacy. Thus to sweep away traditional mistrust and prejudices, it was very obvious..... Read More
Our primary duty is to keep Kolkata safe, secure and crime-free. Kolkata Police strives 24 x 7 to achieve this mission. While we are using all methods to execute good policing, it is our firm conviction that modernization is imperative to improve the operational efficiency of the force... Read More
Mamata Banerjee, soon after assuming office as the Chief Minister of West Bengal, indicated how keen she was in boosting the healthcare sector in the State. She laid the foundation stone for a trauma care centre in the Kolkata Police Hospital compound on 12 August 2011.... Read More
With the formation of a new government in West Bengal following a landslide victory for her party in the recent State Assembly elections, newly-elected Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has identified her priorities - Ma, Mati, Manush (Mother, Land and Masses)... Read More

Officers Speak

Officer-in-Charge of Lake Police Station, Partha Sarathi Mukherjee joined Kolkata Police at the age of 22 in 1986. A razor sharp young man with stars in his eyes, he donned the uniform with the sole motto of serving the nation..... Read More
Sivaji Ghosh, a highly-qualified engineer, left the comforts of corporate life to the tough and exacting Indian Police Service (IPS) in 1985. Ghosh has since handled different responsibilities with panache, starting from SDPO Barasat to ADC to former Governor of West Bengal, Dr. Nurul Hasan.... Read More
In May 2011, West Bengal witnessed a historic change. A new government was formed following Assembly elections in the State. Mamata Banerjee, who ended the uninterrupted 34-year reign of the Left Front in West Bengal... Read More
Perhaps the single most important development in the last 20 years or so is the availability of a wide variety of technologically advanced systems that equip the police to make law enforcement more meaningful... Read More
AVignette: The concept of technology diffusion is well illustrated by the adoption of digital cameras. The sales of consumer digital cameras have grown dramatically since Apple Computer... Read More
It has been felt that both in dealing with crime and maintaining public order, police forces across the country are seriously handicapped by lack of modern equipment.... Read More


Peace in Mumbai was shattered on 13 July 2011 after a relatively long spell of nearly three years since the dastardly terrorist attack on the city on 26 November 2008 ... Read More
Corruption is a raging issue today. The proposed Lokpal Bill is being debated furiously in both print and electronic media. While the creation of a powerful institution such as Lokpal to check.....Read More
In 2003, the city of Mumbai had reason to warm its heart with pride in the strength of its Police Force. The underworld gangs which were spreading fear and ... Read More


As the nameless multitude takes to the lanes and bylanes of Kolkata to soak in the festive spirit during Durga Puja, our men in white are on their toes 24*7 to ensure there's no low point in the celebrations........ Read More
Determination, dedication and focus are some of the key words that define 50 year-old Sarojini Soren. Presently serving as an Inspector in Cyber Crime department of Kolkata Police, she is admired by many in her department for her high spirits........ Read More
Interpretation of Kolkata Police for their implausible sacrifices on 365x24 with special emphasis in Durga Pujo and then admirations like 'Thank you', 'congratulations' and 'flamboyant work' sounds quite conventional. RED FM,...... Read More
If you think managing traffic and easing out traffic snarls are the only deliverables expected out of a traffic constable, think again. A constable with the Ultadanga Traffic Guard, 48year old Manik Lal Murmu was on duty at CIT Road near ESI Hospital on September 7 this year. ........ Read More
Year 1980 saw a paradigm shift in the signalling system of Kolkata. Traffic light signals for better traffic management were introduced at a few crossings. Previously traffic management in Kolkata was usually done by traffic constables and home guards of different traffic guards by way of hand signalling......... Read More
Aproduct of St. Lawrence High School, and a physics graduate from St. Xaviers’ College, I had never ever dreamt that one day I would be a police officer. My father was a teacher at Ballygunge Government High School. I joined Kolkata Police as a sub-inspector in 1974........ Read More
Oh! What a chaotic and turbulent weather! Kolkata Traffic Control room seems to be dancing with the uprooted trees and broken posts on main thoroughfares. Thank God, this time some how main roads are not water-logged........ Read More
Smooth traffic flow lies at the crux of any evolving city and Kolkata Traffic Police has been making all efforts to facilitate easy vehicular movement on the city’s busy thoroughfares and provide safe passage to pedestrians as well........ Read More
Guess what’s the newest law enforcement tool of Kolkata Police is! Facebook, ahoy! In keeping with the changing times, Kolkata Traffic Police team has now zeroed in on this social media platform to stay connected with denizens........ Read More
It’s been nearly 60 years since the Traffic Training School came into being. The year was 1953, the date March 15. Born under the supervision of Clipi Gomes, the then Officer in Charge of Tala, TTS has come a long way........ Read More
If you think maintaining law and order and ensuring smooth traffic flow on congested city roads are the only focal points for Kolkata Police, think again. Removed from the glare of public eye, there is yet another task the men in white........ Read More
Just maintain smooth traffic flow on the city streets. Be it Pujas or mad rush during the high decibel IPL matches, they are ever vigilant on the roads. However more often than not, in spite of all the hard work they put in, traffic policemen on duty end up in the receiving end......... Read More

Articles and Opinion

Come Durga Puja and Kolkata Police goes on an overdrive to ensure denizens can trot from one pandal to the other sans worries. Let's hear it from the people what their take is on the cops ...... Read More
A hundred and fifty years since the force came to being, Kolkata Police has scripted history of sorts. For the first time, the women wing regiment of Kolkata Police has got a lady as a Deputy Commissioner....... Read More
There is no higher religion than human service.To work for the common good is the highest creed This quote explains the motto of a volunteer- a person familiar to us all........ Read More
NIPS School of Hotel Management and India Tourism Development Corporation Ltd (ITDC) recently organized a Certified Programme "Hunar Se Rozgar Tak" for the underprivileged youth of the state......... Read More
Can you ever think of Christmas sans Christmas cake? Walk past any bakery in town and the smell of rum and raisins tells you that Santa is on his way......... Read More
Fourteen-year-old Surinder Prasad unfortunately may not have been able to attend school but that didn't come in the way of his lifelong journey with the published word......... Read More
Popular Hindi item songs were being played to attract people who assembled in the fair at Laxmikantapur in South 24 Parganas. In between, the songs were getting paused as....... Read More
Within a short span of one year Howrah Commissionerate has brought a sea chance in the entire law and order scenario of Howrah....... Read More
Traffic management is perhaps the biggest challenge to modern day urban policing, more so because a city’s traffic is the basic evaluator for the quality of life of its citizens. Every person in the city, rich or poor, young or old, healthy...... Read More
To begin with an oftrepeated cliche, the only thing constant in life is change. Kolkata Traffic Police, over the last one year, has sought to embrace changes, systemic, structural as well as functional, in its endeavour to make this..... Read More
Traffic and mobility problems are inevitable offshoots of development and rapid urbanization. Traffic is considered to be the most dynamic manifestation of this conflict, which if attains speed, becomes unsafe; and if made safe...... Read More
The stage was set, challenges were new and expectations kept soaring by the day ever since word spread that nine Police Stations under the purview of West Bengal Police South 24 Pgs would be split into 17 new police...... Read More
White replaced khaki in added areas in and around Kolkata as West Bengal Police passed on the baton of law and order and traffic management to Kolkata Police in September 2011........ Read More
Establishing a direct connect with the people of this sprawling metropolis lies at the core of the Kolkata Police. And to strengthen the community bond and involve people at large for curbing the crime graph, Kolkata Police..... Read More
As a school student we all have had multiple curiosities about the men in Khaki and there is a feeling of awe mixed with a feeling of inhibition in approaching the Policeman on duty. The only first hand image of the police that the school children have is through the movies and the media..... Read More
What Henry Ford quoted that working together, success could easily be achieved, he had probably meant it in an industrious tone, being an industrialist himself. He, almost certainly, wouldn't have dreamed of his idea being applied.... Read More
PRABAHO is a weekly blood donation programme organised on Saturdays different Police Stations by rotation. Members of the Police Force as well as local residents participate in this project and blood group directories are also published at the end of each year...... Read More
Children come of age in this unique citizen connect programme says Dr Minakshi Ganguly, President, Maya Foundation, which works with Kolkata Police........ Read More