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Connecting With The Families

As we go about our lives pursuing our goals in the commercial hub of the country, we are almost completely oblivious to the fact that it is due to the dedication and hard work of [...]

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‘Citizen Safety Is Our Prime Motto’- Palghar Police

The city of Palghar came in to existence on August 01, 2014. The creation of a new district was approved by the cabinet of Maharashtra on June 13, 2014. The struggle and demand of the [...]

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Nirbhay Maharashtra

With increase in crime all over Maharashtra, safety of citizens has been one of the important concerns of the police department. Mumbai was always touted as a safe city for women but with growing cases [...]

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Transgender Police Mitras Thane Police ( Rural)

If you are frustrated with rising incidents of crime in your city and want to bring the anti social elements in your city to books, then help your city cops in doing so, register yourself [...]

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Unsung Heroes Of 26/11 Terror Attack

Four bomb squad canines, who have saved countless lives in their busy career of sniffing out explosives, found a safe haven post retirement after years of faithful service.On June 8, 2015, Caesar, Max, Tiger and [...]

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Initiatives Of Home Department

K.P. Bakshi ACS (Home), Maharashtra Under the instructions of the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Maharashtra the Home Department is undertaking several initiatives for further modernization in the Home Department including police as well as other units and undertakings under the control of Home Department. K.P. Bakshi, ACS(Home)- Maharashtra, in [...]

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